There have been several new developments since I last posted. Most of them good. :)

I recently received the new batch of Manaforge prototypes. Yay! Ten new copies of Manaforge to play with. I have to say, though, that these copies aren't quite as good as the last ones. The colors are a bit off (they changed their upload process to take RGB files instead of CMYK), the rulebook is flimsy (somehow it lost the high-quality paper setting, even though I'm sure I checked it), and some of the indented dice have bulges on one side that make them unsuitable for rolling. Oh well, it's good enough as is.

Out of the ten prototypes, five of them are already gone. Four of them were shipped out to game reviewers; I'm going to be getting more review videos for my relaunch. One copy went to my family up in Michigan. (Live near Kalamazoo? Email me and we'll see about setting up a demo.) I think I'm going to hang onto 3 or 4 copies, to be able to do demos and create my own tournaments and such. Still, that leaves me with a spare copy or two. Not sure where those should go.

I've started work on the Kickstarter page for the new campaign. There's nothing there to see yet, it's just an empty page with some pledge tiers. I'm planning on opening up the KS preview link before the launch, so people can give feedback, but it will be a while before we get to that point.

Artwork for the game is rolling in on almost a daily basis. At the start of the year, Manaforge needed 21 more pieces of artwork. As of right now, that number is down to approximately 10. The game's art will definitely be completed before the Kickstarter launches; I'm estimating all the cards will be ready around the beginning of March.

As far as a launch date, I'm currently targeting March 27th. Note that this is a tentative date at the moment; I'm still worried there might be some glitches with coordinating reviews and advertising and such. Still, that seems like an attainable goal and it's likely I will finalize that date before the end of this month.

Last but not least, Prototype Con is coming up later this month! Mystic Tiger Games will definitely be there demoing a prototype version of our other game, Suicidal Cabbages. Depending on the availability of demo time and space, we might also be showing off Manaforge. If you're anywhere near Kissimmee on February 25th, please stop in and see us!

And that's it for now. I'm hoping to have a couple of images of the new cards up soon. Stay tuned!


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