Manaforge is now available to play on the Tabletop Simulator platform on Steam!

This makes two options for playing Manaforge on Steam (Tabletopia is available on Steam as well), as well as a way to play from within your web browser (Manaforge can be played on the Tabletopia web site using the Unity plugin).

In order to play, you will need to purchase Tabletop Simulator if you don't already have it. (It typically costs $20, but 50% off sales are frequent.) Once you have the game, either search the Workshop directory for "Manaforge", or go to the following link and 'subscribe' to the mod:

And that's it! The next time you open Tabletop Simulator, the game will be available to play in the Workshop section.

Please note that, like it's Tabletopia counterpart, the version of Manaforge on TTS is a 'preview' version. That means that while the game rules are complete and should not be changing, a couple the cards are still undergoing minor balance tweaks, and the game's artwork is not finished. If you ever run across a discrepancy between the rulebook and the game's cards, the cards are probably correct.



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