So I've been jumping around like crazy trying to make sure everything is ready to go for my Kickstarter. It seems like a lot of things are coming together at the last moment, and for a few I can only hope that they will. I know I'm worrying over what will probably be nothing, but this is such an important thing for me that I don't want anything to go wrong.

In no particular order, here is my 'checklist' of stuff I'm dealing with:
  • On launch day, I will push the big green button to launch my campaign. I also need to do some web redirect shenanigans, send out my launch email notice, and post a blog entry.
  • The launch will also be accompanied by another social media surge. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BoardGameGeek, Reddit, and even YouTube will all be targets.
  • Still waiting for the How-To-Play video to be done. It's very close, but it still needs one last set of tweaks.
  • Got my first review in. Yay! Already posted that to the KS page. Now just waiting for the other two.
  • I've been asking around some of my game developer friends if they want to add quotes to the KS page. Since I could attribute the quotes to them and plug their games at the same time, I figure it's a win/win.
  • I recently acquired eight new illustrations for Manaforge's cards. I will be posting those during the campaign duration, in order to keep the interest level up. Hopefully I can keep the campaign active during the slump in the middle.
  • I have an interview with the guys that do The Thirsty Gamers audio podcast this weekend. Dunno why anyone would want to listen to me ramble on about Manaforge, but if that's what they're asking for, then who am I to argue? :)
  • I'm also attending a local monthly game meetup this weekend. 50+ gamers under one roof, playing games from mid-afternoon until crazy-o'clock in the morning. Plenty of opportunity to show off Manaforge.

KS Page is here:

Almost there! We're launching in four days. Stay tuned!


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