In order to try to give our Kickstarter campaign a little push, I've added some newly-illustrated Talent cards to the Manaforge page on BoardGameGeek. What I ask of everybody is to take a look at the new cards, then give them the BGG equivalent of a 'like'. If the images get enough positive attention, this will cause them to start showing up on BoardGameGeek's front page, which attract even more attention to the game.

Check out the images here, then give them a thumbs-up by clicking on the green button in the 'recommend' box:

Fire and Water Enchanter:

Earth and Wind Enchanter:

If you happen to not have an account on BoardGameGeek, then I'd suggest signing up for one. It's free, and if you're at all interested in board games (and really, if you're here, you probably are), then it will be a valuable resource for you to learn about what games are out there.



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