I've been busy getting ready for my Kickstarter launch. Here are some highlights, in no particular order:

  • I'm trying to stay on top of the creation of the Kickstarter page. While I've left the actual page arrangement to my graphic designer Justin, I've been crunching the numbers and gathering the data needed to fill in the blanks. The page itself looks really amazing; Justin has done a fantastic job showcasing the beautiful look of the game. Both rendered images and photographs illustrate what the final game will look like, which will hopefully emphasize to potential backers that this game is already very close to a final product. (Just needs the artwork finished.)
  • The videos that will go onto the Kickstarter page are ongoing. The first video, which is a 50-second 'teaser', is basically completed; some minor tweaks might be incoming based on feedback, but as it stands now it doesn't need anything more. The second and more important video, the how-to-play video, is in progress. Both should be finished within the next week.
  • I've ordered a large batch of postcard-sized flyers advertising the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. My plan is to drop these off at the various gaming stores in the area. Plenty of places to spread the word in the Orlando area. :)  I could also be convinced to mail some out...  if anyone asks nicely enough. :D
  • I'm also going to be emailing the digital version of that postcard out on my mailing list, and posting it up on all of our social media locations. My apologies for the spam, especially if you happen to get added to my mailing list without asking, but I need to get the word out as much as possible.
  • I'm targeting the first week of August for the 'pre-launch' of the Kickstarter. I will be opening the preview link up for feedback, so I encourage everyone to check it out and give ideas on how it could be improved. The postcard flyer will have both a shortened link and a QR code that point back to the Kickstarter preview.
  • Looking forward to getting some review videos in. I don't expect to see any until much closer to the actual launch, but I'm anticipating having three videos from game reviewers by launch day.

Manaforge is coming very soon! Are you ready?


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