Just a quick status update, since it's been relatively quiet here.

The big news from the past week is that Manaforge has been successfully listed on the BoardGameGeek website! Yay! Click here to check it out.

For those of you who haven't heard of it, BoardGameGeek serves as a central location for all things board game related. Virtually every board game ever published has an entry on the BGG website, making that site an encyclopedia of information about board games. Want to learn more about a certain game? See if other players like a particular game? Need help with an obscure rules question? Want to buy a copy of an out-of-print game? Need some translations for a foreign language game? It's all there! The site also has various bits of board game-related news, teasers of upcoming titles, chatter coming from conventions, and videos of reviewers doing reviews of games.

So, having Manaforge listed on BGG is a big deal, because it signifies that it is a 'real' game. Even though it's not published yet, Manaforge is officially a thing.

Oh, yeah...  and it means I'm officially a Game Designer now, too. BGG gives 'badges' to users that have games listed in the database. :)

In other news, work is progressing on the game prototypes. After getting my first prototype in, I've looked it over for flaws, stuff I need to correct for the next batch. I ordered one just for this specific purpose (finding problems), and now that I've identified what needs to be fixed, I expect to have those corrected quickly and be ordering my next batch of prototypes within the next week.

Now I just need to find some reviewers willing to take a look at my prototypes and make review videos for me. :)  Any takers?


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