Mystic Tiger Games announces that the Preview version of Manaforge will be available for play at the 2016 Dice Tower Convention, July 6 - 10.

Manaforge can be played in one of two locations:

The SUP Guild is hosting a Prototype Play event on Thursday, July 7, from 1pm to 5pm. This is the main prototype gaming event of the convention; Mystic Tiger Games will be present for this entire session. Also, there is an open prototype gaming session on Sunday, July 10, starting at 10am and running until the convention closes. Everyone is welcome at both of these events; get your chance to play the games of the future! (Including Manaforge, of course.) Both of these events are in the Boca Room VIII.

In addition, the Indie Game Alliance should have a presence at the convention this year. A copy of Manaforge will be in their game library; anyone is able to borrow the game and play at their tables, and you might even be able to coax one of the IGA Minions into teaching you the game.

Come out and give Manaforge a try! Hope to see you there!


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