Phase one of the graphic design for Manaforge is now completed. Yay!

What does that mean, you ask? Well, just like phase one of the artwork, the graphic design is not 100% complete. Instead, it means that I have enough of the graphic design completed that I'm able to run a Kickstarter. Everything remaining can be finished along the way. I'm not quite far along enough yet to start a campaign, as I need to build more of an audience first, but Manaforge itself is close enough to a finished product to be pre-sellable.

However, with this much of the design done, it does open up a new possibility. I'm now able to have some professional prototypes made of my game. I've been researching using The Game Crafter for this purpose, and now I think it's time to go ahead with having some prototypes made there. While these won't be the completed versions of the game, it's close enough that I can hand a couple out to select people, for the purposes of having the game reviewed and demoed at conventions.

Stay tuned! With some luck, I'll have some photos of the game components to show off soon. These will be much closer in appearance to the final version of the game than the homemade prototype I have now.


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