Just reached a minor milestone. Phase one of the card artwork is done. Yay!

Now when I say the card art is done, I don't mean all of the cards have artwork. As of right now, roughly 60% of the cards are illustrated.

However, what this does mean is that this is all of the card art I'm going to have done before I run the Kickstarter campaign. Every type of card is represented; I have illustrations on resource cards, engine cards, major point cards, and even character cards. All of the cards in the Dawn deck are completed, and all of the wand cards are done.

This is an accomplishment for me, because this is one of the tasks I had to complete before I do the Kickstarter. This shows any prospective backers what the game's art style will look like, and having that large a percentage done demonstrates that I'm committed to getting the rest completed before the game goes to production.

There is, obviously, a lot more to do. Graphic design. Box design. Prototype printing. Game reviews. Arrange production and fulfillment. Videos. Marketing. Set up retail channels. Stretch goals & KS extras.

But this is an important step done. :)
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