The art for the box cover for Manaforge is completed!

This is actually a big deal, because this unlocks several other tasks that were waiting on this. First off, of course, the box cover itself is also completed, because it only needed the art to be complete. Second, the player mats will be using this same artwork, so with this done, those are complete as well.

However, in addition to allowing completion of game components, this art will also serve as a focus for marketing the game. I'm planning on incorporating this art into the tri-fold project boards that I use to advertise the game when I'm at conventions. And I want to use this art as the centerpiece of poster print; something I might include as part of the game. (Perhaps as a 'Kickstarter Exclusive' sort of thing?)

So, this is another milestone completed. One or two more and I'll be able to start having some playtest copies of the game professionally printed.

At this rate, I might actually complete this game. :)


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