In case you haven't heard, the virtual tabletop gaming service Tabletopia recently launched on Steam. Well, since Manaforge is available on Tabletopia, then by extension Manaforge is now available on Steam!

Existing Tabletopia members can easily get an access key to download Tabletopia on Steam for free. And for those of you who aren't members yet, you can download Tabletopia for $9.99.

The Steam version of Tabletopia also includes a couple of enhancements. The big one is a game matchmaking service. You can create a publicly-visible game room and open it up so that other players can jump in at any time. The service is a little quiet right now, so it's sometimes hard to find players, but that should clear up once it becomes more popular. And with integration into Steam, it's easy to get your Steam friends into the game.

Also, since Steam has voice chat integrated in, it's very easy to be able to talk to your friends while playing. Makes playing the games a lot easier too.

Another step forward in visibility for Manaforge. :)


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