So, I guess I've gone and done it. I've diluted my focus on Manaforge, at least a little.

I recently got a request to complete the design on a silly game idea I had a while back. The item stems from a stray comment that someone made on the Board Game Geek forums. I don't even remember what the topic of the message thread was, but the comment was that some thing should not be named "Suicidal Cabbages". Well, somehow that name stuck in my head, and I took a few minutes to sketch out a game idea about heads of cabbage that are tired of life and are shredding themselves into coleslaw. And that was about as far as it went; just an idea stuck in my head.

Well, I recently had a request from someone on the Tabletopians' Discord server to actually make the game. I mentioned the idea, and that person really wanted to play it. So, I took a few days to flesh out the idea, including stitching together some downloaded images into cards, and uploading the whole mess onto Tabletopia for a few people to try out. Now, this is completely in alpha phase; I don't know if it'll go anywhere, and if it does then it's going to need a lot more work. But technically, it's a second game 'in progress' for me. I don't know if that's good or bad.

Gotta love the ease at which I could turn my idea into an online game. Didn't even need to use up a single sheet of paper or drop of ink; the game is entirely virtual, but no less playable. Tabletopia might still be kind of glitchy, but it's great for whipping up quick prototypes.

So...  who wants to be coleslaw? I always need playtesters, but now I have two games that need testing. :)


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