For the past couple of weeks, my graphic designer and I have been bouncing ideas back and forth about a game logo. Now by logo, I don't mean a special icon or something like that, but just a stylized version of the game's name. Something that will be plastered across the front and sides of the game's box, put on the front page of the rulebook, business cards, posters, websites, etc.

Going into this having a logo for my game was not something I thought I needed. I figured just do up the game's name in some fancy font, maybe drop a shadow behind it, and done. But if you take a good look at a lot of the games out there, the way their names are depicted is so much more than that. Adding a thematic texture to the characters. Having a special backplate behind the name. Stylizing one or two characters in the name to look like objects...  a cup, a sword, whatever fits the game. Adding fancy glitters or swirly effects behind the characters. Anything to make the game's name stick in your head. Also make the game stand out in a crowd, something that catches your eye amidst an ocean of brightly-colored game boxes.

This has been a surprisingly difficult process, only because I don't really know what I'm looking for. I want some way to make the name stand out, and make it fit the theme. But I don't know what that effect will look like. I have to worry about the sorts of backgrounds the logo will be used on; will it always be light, or always dark, or do the letters need to hold up even on multicolored illustrations? Not to mention that the design for the game's box hasn't been completed yet; it must be able to look good there. (Answer: the logo needs to look good *everywhere*.)

What sort of pizzazz can I add to the lettering to make it look magical, while trying to represent the theme of forging items?

I'm wishing I had realized sooner that I needed something like this.


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