Aside from the usual cycle of managing artists and hosting playtests, the past week or so has also been a whirlwind of catching up on new-year business stuff.

Renewing my registered agent. Renewing my web hosting account and domain name registration. Renewing my business license. Gathering information for tax purposes. Sending out tax forms to my contractors. Calculating my expenditures for 2015. All mundane stuff, to be sure, but necessary anyway.

At least there has been some game-related stuff in there too. I'm up to three manufacturing quotes for Manaforge. Still working out the details on a couple of them, but it's nice to have some rough numbers to work with. I'm also a lot closer to done on the game's logo, thanks to my awesome graphic designer. I'm still trying to get more people interested in trying Manaforge online on Tabletopia, where anyone can jump in and play at any time, and get people to join the Discord chat server (run by the Tabletopians group) where it's easy to find players to game with. And there's a game convention called Prototype Con coming up in Kissimmee in February; I'm definitely going to be showing o

It seems pretty quiet, but there's a lot happening behind the scenes anyway. The duck analogy would seem to apply here: Calm and graceful on the surface, but paddling like mad underneath the water. Stay tuned: there should be some excitement coming soon!


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