I know I've posted about the game rules a couple of times, but since Manaforge is in another lull phase, I figure now is a good time to do more rules updates. (The artwork is ongoing, the graphics design is ongoing, and I'm playtesting whenever I can. Time for something else.)

We have a rulebook exchange thing going on in one of the Facebook board game groups that I'm a member of. Each person in the exchange gives their rulebook to the next person in line for review. So your rulebook gets an automatic pair of eyeballs looking it over and making suggestions for improvement, at a cost of you doing the same for someone else's rulebook. It's not a perfect substitute for a pass by a professional editor, but it's a good place to start.

So I've pushed Manaforge's rulebook through a few of these cycles and I'm sifting through the responses, deciding which I can incorporate into the rules and which I should ignore. Not all of the suggestions are good, but what do you expect from almost-free? It's also good to see the reaction from someone who hasn't seen my rulebook before, because that's a great way to spot some concept or explanation that seems obvious to me but is new to someone else.

The latest version of the rulebook is always up on the Games page. Anyone is welcome to grab a copy, and I'll always accept suggestions for improvement. (I might not use the suggestions, but I guarantee I will at least consider them.)


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