Okay, I need more playtesters. Badly.

I'm worried that if I release my game out there blindly, that someone's going to come along and rip it off. Somehow copy all my hard work. I know the chances of that are pretty close to zero, but I still worry.

I guess I don't have the luxury of waiting anymore, though.

So, I've figured how to open Manaforge up on Tabletopia. Anyone with the link can play. Even better, the link is for a game 'lobby'; anyone going to that link ends up getting their own separate instance of the game. Share that instance URL with friends and you all end up in the same room. Go to the lobby link again and you get a different game instance.

I've also created a 'survey' using Google Forms for playtesters to give me their feedback afterwards. It's basically an electronic version of the feedback form I give to playtesters in person.

The last piece I'm working on is the rulebook. I already have the rules posted, but the rulebook is currently undergoing a round of polish. I should have the new version ready in a few days.

And with that in mind, I'll probably be making an announcement this weekend or early next week that Manaforge will be open for anyone to blind playtest, with zero intervention required from me. I'm hoping that will interest people enough that they'll try the game out.

Watch this space. I should have more news soon. :)


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