Mystic Tiger Games announces that it is opening up Manaforge online for everyone to play and help improve!

With Manaforge available on the virtual tabletop site Tabletopia, anyone that is invited can get into the game and play. With this new step, players can now log into the game without needing an invitation. Any players, regardless of where or when, can follow the lobby link and start their own instance of the game. Each game instance has a unique URL that those players can give to their friends; anyone navigating to that URL joins the same game, allowing multiple copies of the game to be played at a time while still keeping those games private.

For more information, including the links to start playing the game, check out our Games page. This includes a link for downloading the rulebook, and a survey link for leaving feedback after you're done playing.

Have fun playing, everyone! We hope to hear about what you think of Manaforge!


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