So, I'm currently making the push to port Manaforge over to virtual tabletop software. Right now, I'm focusing on two platforms, Steam's Tabletop Simulator, and they newly-Kickstarted Tabletopia.

As of this writing, I have Manaforge already up and running on Tabletop Simulator. It's currently stored only on my local machine, so I would need to host the game if someone wants to play it, but that's fine as I'm not ready to release it to the world yet. (However, if someone wants to help playtest, contact me at the address on the Contact page and we'll see about getting a demo set up. :)  There is a screenshot of Manaforge running in Tabletop Simulator in the image gallery on the Games page. I deliberately stripped most of the artwork out; again that is just for now, until my game is ready to see the light of day. Anyone that wants to play the game needs to buy a copy of Tabletop Simulator off of the Steam network. (One time cost of $20, although it is frequently on sale.)

My next task to get Manaforge up onto Tabletopia. This service just completed a successful Kickstarter run, and is currently in closed beta. I haven't completely explored all the options and features available, but I'm learning all that now. If I understand this correctly, I should be able to upload my game to the Tabletopia servers with 'private' permissions, and then hop on and host a game whenever anyone wants to play. (Again, that's just for now; when I get closer to launching I intend to open the game up for anyone to try.) While it's not as polished as Tabletop Simulator, it does promise to eventually have more features, and on top of that it's free to join. (There will be 'premium' games at some point, but there will always be a free membership level.)

So...  does anyone want to play a game? :)


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