Over the course of playesting Manaforge with new players, I've been getting one complaint fairly consistently. It's difficult to mentally keep track of how much mana you currently have available. Now, I don't get this complaint every time I play; it really depends on the players. Heavy gamers, especially those that have played Magic before, are generally okay. It's the players that are less used to having to perform that sort of mental manipulation that tend to suffer in my game. So, I've had it mentioned several times that there needs to be a more tangible way to track how much mana you have. Tokens or sliders or something.

Enter the Mana Abacus. :) (Okay, maybe not the best name. But that's what I think of when I'm imagining this.)  A tiny cheat sheet with four tracks numbered 0 through 8, one for each element, and four glass stones that slide over the numbers to show your current mana levels. It's simple but it works.

And it occurred to me, this isn't really a vital component for the game. Sure, it's helpful, but not required. You can play without it. It's just a 'nice to have'.

So, from a Kickstarter perspective, wouldn't this qualify as a Stretch Goal? Something I can tack on to the production if there is an abundance of interest in Manaforge, but that isn't vital and can be left off if there is a shortage of funds. And it should be an easy thing to add; a little bit of extra money paid to my graphic designer and a couple of extra components in the box.

We'll see if this idea ever becomes reality. :)


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