Whew. Writing rulebooks is a lot of work.

Manaforge had a rulebook. Back when it was still in its "Conjurers" phase, I had put together a passable rulebook to go along with the game. But that kind of fell to the wayside when I started making a whole bunch of rules and balance tweaks to the game. Since the rulebook became obsolete and didn't match the game rules anymore, I started leaving it behind.

But today, that changes. I've spent the past few days getting the rulebook back up-to-date. It's not complete by any standards; I know it could benefit from some professional editing, it needs more example images, it will have to be updated again when I get more game artwork in, and it needs an overall graphic design pass to make it look good. But the rulebook, combined with the game components, should make for a playable game.

I need this now because I'm probably going to put my game up online for players to mess with sometime soon. This won't be an official standalone version of the game, but instead I think I'm going to use a virtual game table service like Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia to show my game off while it's inching closer to completion. I need as much exposure and as much feedback as I can get, so putting my game up where anyone can jump in and play seems like the best idea.

For anyone that wants to view the rulebook, there's a download link on my Games page. Enjoy!


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