It's been a quiet week here.

The work on my game has entered sort of a lull phase. The graphic design is ongoing; currently the main game board is undergoing renovation. The artwork is ongoing; both of my illustrators are pumping out wonderful art.

But those are tasks that other people are doing. It doesn't seem like there's a lot for me to do right at this moment.

I've been doing business-related paperwork. I've been keeping up with game news and such. I've been holding playtests at my local game stores. I've been making plans to attend Necronomicon this year, including trying to find a place to stay and crafting promotional materials. I've been processing feedback and making balance tweaks to my game.

But the urgency, the rush of activity I had before FlaMinGoCon, that is gone.

So I've been contemplating what to attack next. I know there's so much left to be done, but I'm not sure what I can work on right now.

My current long-term goal is to hold a Kickstarter campaign early next year. There's so much to be done on my game before then, though. I need to get it complete enough that I can order a professionally-done prototype from a printing company. (Or two. Or ten.)  I need to send said prototypes to reviewers. I need to make a walkthrough video. I need to complete the rulebook. I need to port my game to a digital play space (Tabloro, Tabletop Simulator, or the new one on Kickstarter, Tabletopia.) I need to research game manufacturers. I need to research distribution. There is lots to be done. But none of that needs to be done right now

So I'm looking ahead, trying to figure out what's the next priority.

Hopefully, that means there will be more to announce soon. :)


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