Ugh, here we go again.

So, I was at FlaMinGoCon a week and a half ago. Fun times. I got in a few excellent playtests of my game, got a mountain of mostly-positive feedback, and exposed a couple of lurking balance issues in my game. Overall, it was a very good day.

My mom lives in the same area as the convention, so I got to see her as well. Since she knew I was coming, she had boxed up a bunch of my old games that were still laying around at her place so that I could bring them back home. I figured there might be something fun to play left over in there, and at worst I could dismantle them for components to build new games out of.

I didn't know it was going to be that large a box. :)  Lots and lots of old toys. Poker chips and cards and obscure games and dice and lots of other assorted bits. I recall using a lot of that stuff to make my own 'games' decades ago. Treasure trove!

And there was a note in there. An imaginary folded-up piece of paper hidden near the bottom of the box that basically read something like this:

"Dear B,

Here is an idea for a game. I made it just for you out of the various bits in this box. I hope you like it.

Your Muse"

Yup. Yet another idea for a game. This one is way more abstract than the last one. I suppose that makes sense, since a lot of the original games I played were abstract games. Still. <sigh> More stuff to try to not think about. :P


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