I guess it was bound to happen. Not like I could call myself a real game developer while only having ideas for one game in my head.

I don't even recall exactly what I was reading at the time. I think I was browsing through the forums at Board Game Geek, and I found a discussion on types of game mechanics. That nowadays there aren't really any new game mechanics, just rehashes of existing ones. I think the thread was something about applying transformations to existing mechanics to try to create new ones.

I was reading through the messages, not really paying that close attention. 'Mutate like this...', 'change this part around...', 'break down instead of build up...', blah, blah.

I didn't notice my muse (the same one that gave me the idea that became Manaforge) sneak up behind me, tap me on the back of the head, and say "Here's an idea."

Ummm...  thanks? Now what do I do with it?

Granted, this idea isn't really what anyone would consider that innovative. Other people create new ideas by taking an existing idea and rearranging it somehow. Me personally, I'm better at taking two existing ideas and combining them. And that's basically what this new idea is, two mechanics smooshed together. However, to the best of my knowledge, nobody has done this before.

I'd consider using the mechanic in my current game (or in an expansion), but it's really such a core game mechanic that it wouldn't fit well in what I'm doing now.

So, essentially, I have an idea for a new game.

Great! Except, that I don't want to dilute my focus on Manaforge. I think one of the reasons why that game is still chugging along in development is because I've been able to focus solely on that.

So, I guess this idea goes on the back-burner. Maybe it'll sit there quietly and wait until I can come back to it. Maybe it'll sprout legs and start running around my head until I give it some attention. I don't know how other developers handle multiple projects. Me, I don't multitask well. I'm afraid Manaforge will suffer if I try to work on a second thing at the same time.

We'll see.


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